If you do not think about your future on a regular basis, you likely do not have one.

About Us

Our Qualifications


There are a lot of consultants and consulting firms in the market today.  Why would you choose to work with us rather than others?

We have many certifications and have won many awards over the years.  That is not what makes us unique however.  Many other individuals and firms have multiple certifications and have won awards as well.

What makes us unique is the collection of insights, knowledge, and experiences that we have gained from the literally thousands of business owners, executives, and managers that we have worked with around the globe as business consultants and problem-solvers over the past 35 years.

That collection of insights, knowledge, and experiences is what allows us to help you identify and fix problems and identify and take advantage of opportunities in your business and do so much more quickly than you could with most other consulting firms. 

Our Proccess



Our process is divided up into five distinctive steps. Each step focuses on asking and answering a specific series of questions that result from our conversations with you. We do not use a canned set of questions, but rather use a general framework to guide the process of determining which questions need to be asked and answered.

Step one of our approach focuses on gaining clarity of purpose and then being able to put it into words in a way that everyone associated with your company will be able to clearly understand what you are all about as a business and what would logically be expected of them as a result.

Step two of our approach builds on part one by working with you to create a game plan for reaching the place that you defined as your goal in part one.

Step three of our approach focuses on dealing with “Murphy”. Just as you will have many opportunities to reach your goals, you will encounter many obstacles in your journey as well. This part of our process focuses on contingency planning and making sure you have a plan for what to do when Murphy shows up.

Step four of our approach deals with the future. One thing every successful business executive knows is that new and important technologies, knowledge and approaches will be developed in the future that may well have a direct impact on their previously-developed game plan. This part of our process is focused on developing a framework and specific methodology within your business to use when you need to evaluate new technologies, knowledge or processes and figure out if you need to change your game plan as a result.

The fifth step of our process focuses on your exit strategy. One day you will likely want to retire, take your business public or just sell it so you can do something else that you find more rewarding in the future. The time to start thinking about and planning for that is now.

Our Owner



Greg Talburt started his first business at age 7.  It was a lawn service and it taught him three things:

  1. Income has to exceed expenses if you want to stay in business.
  2. Good clients are worth their weight in gold.
  3. The quality of your product will have a direct impact on the success of your business.

Since then, Greg has started and operated another 14 profitable businesses. There is no substitute for actually owning your own business when you profession is working with others to help them better run theirs.

Greg has also worked a management consultant for over 35 years now and has worked with literally thousands of very successful and very smart business owners, managers and professionals. He learned something important and valuable from every one of them. This exposure along with the lessons that he has learned from starting, growing, managing and occasionally selling many businesses of his own is what allows him to see and solve problems and identify and exploit opportunities that others often miss. It is why you want to work with us rather than with another firm.