Some of our clients grew from hundreds of thousands in annual revenues to several million in annual revenues.   Others grew from under ten-million in annual revenues to several hundred million in annual revenues.

Growth that is sustainable and results in increasing net profits is the result on maintaining a tight focus on three things:

  1. Your customers and prospects and what they need and value.
  2. Your people and your culture.
  3. Money; specifically, your cash flow and future capital requirements.

Lose focus on any of the above and you likely will find yourself in trouble; the faster you are growing, the harder it is to keep from going "off the rails" and ending up out of business.

We offer the following services to help our clients grow their business:
Change Management Consulting--Change is inevitable. No businessman or businesswoman can avoid it and be successful over time.  This part of our consulting practice focuses on the development of specific processes within your business that will allow you to implement changes in your business strategy into the day-to-day operations of your business in an effective and efficient manner.
Knowledge Management Consulting--Our role here is to help our clients develop systems and processes designed to make sure that key corporate knowledge and lessons learned and can be retained, shared, and transferred effectively and efficiently.  Inadequate knowledge management processes and procedures turn key employees into bottlenecks, limit their and your growth, and leave staff members without all of the resources they need to fully deliver the results and profits they are capable of delivering.
Financial, Budget, and Forecast Model Development--We have worked with over 100 ERP and accounting software packages and have extensive knowledge of and experience with the development of financial reporting strategies, structures, and requirements.  What gets measured is what gets done.  What gets measured against a standard is what gets done well.
 Product and Services Differentiation--This part of our consulting practice focuses on helping our clients drill-down on and answer two very important questions that are at the core of the sales and marketing efforts at every successful business:  What makes the product, service, or experience that you sell or produce unique?  Who would want to purchase it and why?   If a client or prospect does not think of you as being truly unique in some manner, what real advantage do you have when he compares you to your competitors?
K.I.S.S.  Consulting--Keep It Simple--This part of our consulting practice is designed to help you remove unneeded and unproductive complexity from your business.  Not every business process or activity will ever be truly simple; some are always going to be complex because of the very nature of the thing that they address.  Most business processes can be simplified while still yielding the same results however and that means that they will cost you less and take less of your time to manage.  

The key to growing in a way that both increases your net income and future potential is to ask and answer the truly important questions up front and then execute on a plan versus on-the-fly.  Success in business is rarely accidental.